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Frequently Asked Questions:




Does Acupuncture Hurt?


Acupuncture should not be a painful experience. People have described it as a dull aching, pressure, pinching, tingling or heavy sensation. If you do feel discomfort, inform your practitioner immediately and they will adjust the needle accordingly.


How many sessions will I need?


Every case is different and depends on the nature and duration of the condition. On average it may take 3- 5 sessions but some conditions may take longer. As a rule of thumb depending on how long you have had the condition one month of weekly treatments is required, for example a chronic condition of 5 years may take 5 months of weekly sessions. Women related conditions usually take 3 months or 3 cycles. 


Will I get Bruises from Cupping?


Cupping is used to release the tight muscles in certain areas by bringing the vessels to the surface and increasing the blood circulation to the area. It creates a vacuum that draws the skin upwards. In this method red marks may be left in the areas that the cups were placed. They may last from 1 day to a week. If this will be a problem please inform your practitioner.


Can I take Herbal medicine with my current medication?


Always inform your Chinese Medicine practitioner of any medications and supplements you are currently taking. The practitioner will discuss whether herbal medicine is appropriate or not. Never stop taking your medication without your prescribing doctor’s consent first. Herbal medicine comes in the form of capsules or pills and powder (which dissolves in water).

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